March 7, 2020




TEDxNMIMS is a student initiative to bring about a wave of enthusiasm and inspiration amongst the young minds of our community.

Our mission is to commemorate outstanding and exceptional work by giving these bright minds a platform to inspire further. We take great pride in showcasing some of the finest progress in various aspects of human life.

We are working to bring about a change, a revolution in the minds of the innovative youth. Innovation, courage, and curiosity are at the heart of TEDxNMIMS and we wish we imbibe and invoke many such positives in ourselves and others.


Decisions and actions that drive change often rely on undoing the concrete, and surprisingly skewed conventional belief systems that were formed during generally dire circumstances. These conventional belief systems often disadvantage not only those affected by them but also the people involved in the decision-making process. (Un)do also intends to focus on new perspectives of doing things, new ideas and new thoughts.
The time for boring, repetitive, monotonous has perished.
But tread carefully, for this ideology is not for the weak-hearted, the timid.
Do you have what it takes to truly (un)-do?


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